The Bostik portfolio

Bostik brands and products have stood the test of time and are tried and trusted by millions of DIY and professional users around the world. In over 120 countries, our brands are instantly recognizable, standing out against a myriad of DIY and professional product offerings and are relied upon every day to consistently deliver superior performance and high quality results.

Bostik brands are household names, and while many are world famous and identifiable in many countries, others have distinctive roles in specific countries and geographic regions.

While maintaining our core values, Bostik brands and products are continuously enhanced and refreshed in order to maintain relevance with our customers. Unhappy to remain stationary, we strive to apply our relentless and dynamic energy to continuously excite consumers and professionals alike with new products and delivery systems. In addition to market-leading product quality and performance, Bostik brands are also supported by creative and compelling brand and marketing communication activities to assist our many partners within the various distribution and sales channels.

As the needs of consumer and professional users change, Bostik's portfolio of brands will also grow and evolve through the acquisition and licensing of complementary companies and product ranges.

The following are examples of some of the brands currently within the Bostik portfolio:


Adhesives and sealants for consumer, professional and industrial applications.


High quality adhesives and sealants for DIY and trade use.