Bostik research and development

Innovation is at the heart of our success, and is a constant priority for Bostik.

Adhesives and sealants are a very dynamic technological field. Thanks to our long established technological know-how we have been among the leaders in creating new applications for adhesives, and expanding the use of adhesive bonding, through increased strength and durability, ease of application, user friendliness and environmental awareness.

Our research and development teams are focusing their efforts in designing adhesives and sealants capable of achieving increasingly higher performance, versatility, cost-effectiveness, and in building into our adhesives additional functional properties besides the mere ability to bond together two different substrates. Working in very close collaboration with our customers allows our marketing and research teams to anticipate customer needs in providing innovative products and applications.

Our capacity to integrate advances in polymer technology into our range of adhesives has been instrumental in developing innovative products. Bostik's recognized expertise in polymer technology, together with our close collaborations with leading suppliers of raw materials and application equipment, are key strengths to deliver innovations. Our capacity to bridge the gab between industry and consumer applications of adhesives has also been a strength, enabling Bostik to quickly and effectively transfer innovations between these two worlds.

Over the past decades, Bostik has been able to bring a constant stream of innovative products and applications to the various industries and consumer markets we serve, to the benefit of our customers.