ISO9001 quality standard

Bostik UK are totally committed to satisfying all customer and other requirements and meeting the highest practicable standards. In the goods we produce, the services we provide and the technical support we make available we will ensure that we offer the best possible customer focus.

All Bostik UK sites are approved to the ISO9001 quality standard which is used as a vehicle for continuous improvement in all activities.

The company supplies certain products to the Automotive Industry and is registered to the Automotive quality standard, TS16949.

We monitor key performance indicators at all levels throughout the organisation.

  • We understand our processes and design and develop new processes in line with quality improvement opportunities.
  • We work closely with sub contractors and suppliers to ensure they understand our policies and recognise quality improvement opportunities.
  • Measurable objectives are established throughout the Bostik business ensuring alignment of everyone's effort to match company objectives.
  • Bostik ensures that all our people understand how they can influence quality improvement and that they are properly trained on an ongoing basis.

The quality management system is examined through an annual audit plan. Results from internal audits are reviewed alongside audits from our key customers as a continuous improvement tool.