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FAQs for Grab Adhesives Trade
Gripfill Q How long does Evostik Gripfill take to dry?
A Evostik Gripfill cures by the evaporation of the solvent and curing times will be effected by how thick the product is applied, the ambient temperature and the surfaces it is applied too. In general a 6mm bead at 20°c will take 24hrs to be at it's strongest.
Gripfill Q Can I use Gripfill for bonding mirrors?
A Grifill is not suitable for bonding mirrors as the solvent in the adhesive might damage the mirror backing. Use Evo-Stik Serious Stuff.
Gripfill Q Can I use Gripfill Solvent Free be used for bonding mirrors?
A No. This product dries by loss of water. Under these circumstances it will not dry in a reasonable time. Use Evo-Stik Serious Stuff.
Gripfill Q I have a shelf to bond in my wardrobe. Can I bond it to the wood with Gripfill?
A No. Even if the adhesive were strong enough to do the job, the surface of the wood may not be. The problem is that the bond area is so small and the forces (leverage) can be so great. Always fix mechanically.
Gripfill Q Can I use Gripfill to bond the overlaps in my damp proof membrane?
A No. It will make the plastic wrinkle and allow water vapour to pass between them. Consult the DPM manufacturer for the correct procedure.
Gripfill Q Can I use Gripfill to bond brick slips onto the plywood fascia of my dormer window?
A No. It is not designed for use in such exposed conditions.