Glue Guns

Range of 3 glue guns
Glue Guns product image
Product Overview
  • Range of 3 glue guns:
  • Handy Glue Gun for hobbies and light household repairs
  • DIY Glue Gun for DIY use and household repairs
  • Craft Glue Gun for delicate substrates, floristry and crafts.
  • High bond strength at low melt temperature
  • All are CE approved, thermostatically controlled with safety warning light
  • Complete with retractable stand

Hard plastics, Ceramics, Fabrics, Leather, Wood, Metal, Brick and more


Handy Glue Gun Sticks: 14 x 100 mm per pack, DIY Glue Gun Sticks: 10 x 200 mm per pack and 6 x 100 mm per pack, Craft Glue Gun Sticks: 500 g and 6 x 100 mm