Building Silicone Sealant

Lasts up to 25 years
Building Silicone Sealant product image
Product Overview
  • Low modulus, waterproof, neutral cure silicone sealant with high movement accommodation
  • Bonds to most building materials, so suitable for interior and exterior use
  • Available in white, grey, black, brown or clear
  • Effective for up to 25 years

Can be used in expansion joints in concrete structures, movement joints between both lightweight and heavyweight cladding panels and sealing profiled sheeting

Also in properly designed exterior high movement joints, especially around door and window frames

Suitable for all types of frames, including alumium, hardwood and PVCu




White, grey, black, brown, clear


Approximately 10m with a 6mm bead, 8.5m using a 6mm square joint (channel) 8.5m using 12mm fillet bead (face width)