Serious Stuff Flexibond

A single-part, smp polymer adhesive
Serious Stuff Flexibond product image
Your Smart Advantages
  • Shock absorbent grab adhesive
  • Excellent flexibility and resilience accommodates structural movement, windows and doors being slammed and skirting boards being impacted
  • A strong, fast curing, permanent flexible bond that does not go brittle
Product Overview

EVO-STIK Serious Stuff Flexi Bond is a high performance, single component, moisture curing Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP) based adhesive. It will bond most surfaces even if both are impervious and cures to a hard rubber that absorbs shock and vibration. It has very low odour, cures to form a hard elastic rubber, with almost no shrinkage and low hazard; it does not contain any water or solvent, making it ideal for bonding foam polystyrene sheets. When fully cured the product may be painted with most types of water based emulsion paints.

EVO-STIK Serious Stuff Flexi Bond bonds to most surfaces including wood, concrete, brick, plaster, glass, ceramics, metals, rigid pvc, grp, and foam polystyrene.

EVO-STIK Serious Stuff Flexi Bond also bonds panels, insulation boards, signs, wallboards, skirting’s, to the above surfaces. It is particularly suitable for bonds that will be subjected to severe vibration or shock.


Cartons of 12 x C20 cartridegs