Industrial Adhesives

Industrial Adhesives

High performance, purpose developed adhesives for many sectors of manufacturing and industry.

Converting & Packaging

A wide range of adhesives formulated for bonding the diverse range of substrates found in today's packaging market. Designed to be user-friendly, offering benefits such as ease of application and potential for rationalisation due to performance versatility.

Furniture & Woodworking

An extensive range of high performance, purpose-developed adhesives covers all essential areas of process and application within the furniture and woodworking industry.

Building & Decorating

Bostik’s range includes: systems for the manufacture of panels used in the construction industry; adhesives for cladding applications; and ready mixed wallcovering adhesives, wall primers/sealers and coving adhesives for the professional decorating market.

Tapes & Labels

A range of hot melt and solvent based adhesives are offered to meet a broad spectrum of requirements within the tape and label industry.


Bostik supplies an unrivalled portfolio of traditional adhesives for the manufacture of all types of footwear and associated components.


The range includes products that meet defence standards required for the manufacture of survival equipment such as life rafts and personal life preserving jackets. Bostik products are also used extensively in the leisure industry for the construction of inflatable boats and wet suits.

Product Assembly

Bostik offers an unparalleled range of hot melt, solvent based, water borne and 100% solids systems to bond a vast range of substrates for structural and non structural applications.


Specially formulated high performance adhesives cover all applications in the tissue converting industry, from core winding to lamination of tissue and case sealing.


Specialised thermoplastic web adhesive systems including polyester, polyamide and, uniquely, thermoplastic alloy products, used to laminate textiles to a range of materials. Also available are thermoplastic EVA based films, which offer 100% bond area.